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Simple and honest recipe

The reception of our products is very simple. Since we do not use any chemicals, stabilizers, flavorings, dyes, flavorings our products are tasty and their quality is also given by a specific and personal approach to each production. That's why we are proud of our products, and if there´s someone who does not like our…
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Without any chemistry and extras

All the raw materials and manufacturing processes we use are free of any chemistry, we produce purely natural BIO products. The declaration of such products, the raw materials used, the production methods and the production facilities can declared by the certificate we hold. This certificate is issued to us every year after a strict inspection…
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Raw materials from sustainable sources

All the raw materials used in our production are bought from those distributors who supply us with products from plantations and fields where the Sustainable Resources and Fair Trade principles are adhered to. We highly value the interconnection of nature and man, so we are not willing to approach any other principles. Some of the…
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BIO BISCUITS It´s a sweetness, which we produce as an alternative to conventional and also organic sweets. They are special thanks to their content, spelled wholemeal flavour (100%), a pinch of cane sugar and some vegetable fat. You don´t have to be affraid of fat, because GOOD TIMES do not contain any trans fatty acids, resulting from…
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