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BIO BISCUITS It´s a sweetness, which we produce as an alternative to conventional and also organic sweets. They are special thanks to their content, spelled wholemeal flavour (100%), a pinch of cane sugar and some vegetable fat. You don´t have to be affraid of fat, because GOOD TIMES do not contain any trans fatty acids, resulting from…
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BIO Bars

BIO Bars With this product we are trying to enhance the lives of people suffering from glutan problems. We have prepared a product which, with its composition (only 100% corn flour ) does not contain gluten. Unfortunately, at the moment we are not yet at the stage to declare this product as gluten-free. This means that…
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GOMASIO It´s a mixture of sea salt  sea nori flakes with sesame a flax seeds. Macrobiotic flavouring, used to flavour soups, sauces, potatoes, rice, etc.
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